Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

Talk about history! My gosh! Simply elegant, simply amazing!

   Late Victorian hand scrolled, hand pounded Sterling perfume bottles with original daubers and 1 perfume funnel from France. You never, ever find the funnels for these precious bottles, or hardly these bottles! These beauties standing in the back row are the same and stand about 2.5" tall and are marked "Sterling" on the bottom.

   The one forward in the middle stands approx. 1.5" tall and has more pure Silver content at .950. This little lady is also has carved and hand pounded to perfection and made with love in the late Victorian Era.

   All perfume bottles have the original metal daubers that are connected to the screw top and have designs on each side of the bottles. Absolutely lovely! Very rare and extremely hard to find is the silver funnel that would be used to fill these lovely perfume bottles. This is quite a find and extremely lovely! $125.00 each.
  Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

This is a very lovely, large round leather compact by Rex Fifth Avenue from is from 1939. It is about 5" round in a deep navy blue on the bottom and a black-blue on the front. She has the original powder puff with the ribbon and the original powder screen.

   The edging on the mirror has a warped look to it, although is not shattered and is completely intact and in excellent condition for being 76 years old and still very confidentially usable!

   She is leather and is smooth. The top is embossed with a daisy - leaf pattern and is quite lovely! It does have an indent blemish on the backside although it is not torn. It's more or like something was sitting on it and it has made an indent.

   The powder puff is in excellent condition and the has the original powder screen inside also. She is clean and does not have any powder in it.

   This is a lovely piece of girly history and has the original box to her which is a very rare occasion, if ever! She does have a patent number and is "Made in the U.S.A.!

   Come see this lovely compact with MANY other vintage compacts that we have from the 1920's to the 1950's! Perfect for making your own make-up! $39.00
  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this fabulous piece of fine Swiss jewelry! From Lucerne, Switzerland I bring to you an absolute lovely and exquisite 17 Jewel women's lapel brooch and necklace watch by Bucherer. This vintage piece is a sterling silver guilloche enamel watch pin, brooch, and necklace.

   This watch is very attractive and is in exquisite condition. It runs well, keeping time and comes complete with its matched enamel watch pin and enamel link chain. It has a skeleton backing where you can see the inside movement from the outside, and it's a beautiful color of a deep red with hand painted dainty pink roses with green leaves on the front and backside. As with any vintage time piece we cannot guarantee it's future performance. We do recommend the watch to be fully serviced to ensure it's integrity.

   This sweet 17 jewel Swiss made watch made by Bucherer of Switzerland dates from the 1920's Art Deco era to the 1950's. I have seen these marked in the early 1900's although I feel confident in my research this is the correct eras.

   The pin - brooch is hallmarked on the back of the bow, in the middle. It says .925 CB for Carl Bucherer. Has the original enamel linked chain for the necklace is almost 31" long, although doubled up with the clasp and swivel it is almost 15.5" long. It has 14 lozenge shaped links that are red enameled and is in excellent condition. The chain is not marked although it is original to the pin - brooch watch.

   The pin - brooch bow measures 1.5" across and with the watch attached it measures 2.5" in length. The watch measures 1" in round diameter across approx. 3/8" thick. On the right side of the top piece of the bow, it is missing a tiny piece of enamel and is showing white. Your eye doesn't even catch it unless you are specifically looking for it. It is very, very small.

  It has a winding stem and the crystals on each side are in excellent condition. It has Arabic numerals at 12:00 and 6:00 positions. The crystals over the face and back mechanism are very thick and rounded. The see through back crystal which exposes the watch works (called the skeleton) adds tremendous visual interest and curiosity to the watch!

   This watch is upside down. When pinned on and you look down it is looking correctly at you and when someone is looking at you, it looks to be upside down! The silver is gold washed (gilt) and in wonderful shape. The enamel which is in excellent condition is guilloché which gives it a wonderful visual texture.

   Guilloché is French, dating back at least to the 1770's and is defined as a decorative engraving technique in which a very precise intricate repetitive pattern or design is mechanically engraved into an underlying material with fine detail. Specifically, it involves a technique of engine turning, called guilloché in French after the French engineer "Guillot", who invented a machine that could lightly incised fine patterns and designs on metallic surfaces. The machine improved upon the more time-consuming practice of making similar designs by hand, allowing for greater delicacy, precision, and closeness of the line, as well as greater speed."

   Truly a wonderful antique Swiss-made jewelry masterpiece! A great find for the novice or seasoned watch collector! Rare and hard to find!
Art Deco Filigree Chromium Enameled Topaz Glass Hinged Bracelet

This is definitely a piece of the past! These were very huge in the good 'ole flapper days of the Art Deco era! This is a very lovely Art Deco filigree cobalt chromium enameled topaz glass large center stone hinged bracelet with original catch chain that is in EXCELLENT condition for almost or is 100 years old!! The enameling is perfect and there are no scratches, chips, flea bites, etc. out of the glass stone.

   She closes nicely and stays closed without any type of separation and doesn't come apart. The catch chain is in perfect condition itself! This is a lovely piece...I'm in love with it..and I know someone will be thrilled with her like I am! This is history, this is Art Deco...I was born in the wrong era! $179.00

About Cobalt Chrome aka Chromium:

   Cobalt-Chrome is an alloy composed of approximately 67% Cobalt, 27% Chromium, and 6% Molybdenum. Renowned in the metals industry for its superb wear resistance, Cobalt-Chrome is the metal of choice for artificial joints including knees, hips, fingers, toes, and others. As such, the metal is highly biocompatible and ideal for use in certain jewelry applications as well.

   While Cobalt-Chrome has an incredible luster after high polish, it does, however, have certain limitations in jewelry making. The high level of wear resistance also causes it to resist tools, making it very difficult to drill holes, set stones, or size in a traditional manner. The best use for this metal can therefore be found in pendants, earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. that do not require sizing and designs that showcase the metal versus stones. Stones, when needed, can be riveted or glued in place. Another benefit of Cobalt-Chrome is its susceptibility to blackening. Blackening is done through a chemical process that creates a black oxide layer providing a wonderful contrast with platinum, palladium, and gold alloys. The blackening process itself is not widely published; however, many jewelers have devised their own methods for durable blackening of this metal.

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Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

History at your finest here! A lot of research has gone into this lovely Amethyst ring and with extreme confidence, the 1830's to 1840's is when this lovely was made! WOW! Can you imagine having such a beautiful piece of history that is almost 200 years old?!! Oh, I so can and I would wear it proudly!!!

   This is a very sweet Amethyst ring that is approx. 4 to 4.5 carats prong set firmly by fluer dis lis prong artwork. The artwork on the shank is amazing and could very well be a family crest. She is tested at 10k rose gold as is a ring size of around a 5. She does have a wide band that is approx. 1/4"inch in width. She shows and sits very nicely. She can be resized up or down with confidence.

   I have had work done to the shank, so I know she is strong and in beautiful condition along with the stone! The photos have been taken under magnification. The stone looks perfect in eyes view and you cannot see any light scratches on the facets as you can see them visually under a 10x loupe. This is a very eye clean lovely piece of history. Honestly, I think she is AMAZING for being almost 200 years old!!! She is definitely a WOW piece of history and that is exactly what she is! Come see for yourself! $589.00

Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

This is very, very precious! This lovely Art Deco 14k yellow gold ring hold such lovely blue Sapphires on each side of a lovely diamond! The diamond is 1/10th of a carat with lovely color of H-I with a great clarity of an SI-1! It is a wonderful size of 7.5. It can be resized up or down if need to be. :0)

   The art work on this ring is something to really look at! The filigree, milgraining and chasing is absolutely superb! All of this loveliness goes almost half way down the shank! She sits nicely on the hand and shows exceptionally well!

The prongs are perfect, the diamond is perfect and the blue sapphires are as pretty as can be! They show up darker in the photo than what they really are. Just an complete beauty! $889.00

   Unfortunately photos just don't show her true beauty! She won't last long and is absolutely quite amazing! True craftsmanship! This ring was purchased from a long time now retired jeweler that has recently gone out of business. This lovely piece of art was found in the back of a safe and forgotten about. This is true Art Deco in brand new old stock. Hasn't seen the light of day from the early 1920's until recently! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

Oh, I so love this beauty! This is an absolute lovely 18k white gold mid 19 teens going into the early 1920's Art Deco era. This lovely ring is a prong set .19ct Old European Cut diamond with the wonderful color of near colorless "J" with a wonderful clarity of SI2 slight inclusions.

With beautiful chasing and scroll work on the shoulders 3/4th's of the way down the shank. I'm so sorry I forgot to get the actual size.

She is just a beauty with being 18k white gold, she shines and has plenty of fire in the diamond. I am in love with this beauty! Come take a peek at her along with many others that I have! I promise you'll be in love like I am!
Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

This is a very nice piece painted and distressed in barn red with a light vanilla color on the inside! Glass door glass has been replaced and is in perfect condition! Cool black handles on all doors! There are 3 shelves and two have plate racks in back with adjustable shelving.

   She has one drawer that is nice and deep and 2 cupboards below the drawer to hide extra goodies! Perfect for a china hutch or to show off collectibles! Very nice and sturdy! Doors and drawer close great with no gaps! A very nice piece indeed!

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