These are exceptionally lovely! Late Victorian 1880's to 1890's celluloid hair combs with beautiful paste rhinestones. No cracks, chips, fleabites, missing stones. Due to the rarity of these lovey hair pieces, this is all I have left! Get them while you can! Exceptionally beautiful!!!! $65.00 to $89.00 each
  Excitement is in the air! The new 8 foot case is filling up slowly, although extremely nicely! Blues, teals, and more clears are going into this case and I couldn't be more excited for you to see! Come on in and check it out! Whooohoooo!!!!!
  This set is AMAZING!!! This is extremely beautiful and is Hobe'! Is it mesh with yellow, pink and smokey baguette , navette and chaton rhinestones that are extremely clear and quite beautiful! It is quite rare to have the original box!

   Hobé Cie was founded in 1887 by goldsmith Jacques Hobé, but when costume-jewelry collectors think of Hobé, they picture the tasselled and beaded necklaces made by Jacques' son, William, who established an American offshoot of the company in 1927. That put Hobé at the beginning of the American costume-jewelry boom between the two world wars.

   In fact, some scholars believe that Hobé actually had a hand in the phrase "costume jewelry" itself. After the younger Hobé landed in New York, but before he started his company, one of the his first assignments was to make costumes and jewelry for the "Ziegfeld Follies." According to some historians, Florenz Ziegfeld described the jewelry that accompanied Hobé's costumes as costume jewelry.

   Hobé's showbiz origins served the company well. By the 1940s and '50s, Hollywood stars such as Bette Davis and Ava Gardner were wearing Hobé. Especially prized today are the floral pins of that era, which featured tight clusters of vermeil petals. Earlier Hobé pieces that remain popular with collectors include filigreed bracelets and pins, some of which featured Victorian-style portraits or Japanese netsuke-like figures as focal points.
  Here is an astounding pure collectors dream of Delizza & Elster rare to find Metal filigree bead bracelet and earring set. Though the sets differ, they all have one thing in common. A beautifully made metal filigree ball bead they came in a variety of colors and finishes. These beads add a touch of elegance to these designs and they were first seen in the design books in 1959 to 1962 which is making it also coming up into the Juliana era.

   This set is from 1962. This is the classic Delizza & Elster 5 link bracelet that is absolutely gorgeous in every way in the beautiful fall colors. The earrings are extravagant and are made to match. These are book pieces and are just nothing but exceptional! No missing stones, no dead stones, every stone is clear and gorgeous!

   This is an extraordinary design that has everything going for it. The navette rhinestones and beads are with a great color combination. Each navette rhinestone has its own rhinestone halo which is extraordinary. The colors are with the amber, topaz, olivine and the orange.
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Come and get it while it lasts! Tons of cool stuff!

  In honor of Memorial Day, I present to you....a wonderful piece of history!

   First, thank you to our service men and women past, present & future. This is a heartfelt treasure from WWII.

   A very special WWII Naval lockett with Mother of Pearl, enameling and with Navy wings. Opens from the left. Has 2 places inside for photos of you and a loved one. This is our history. Come take a peek and see how precious she is!

   If you are interested in learning more about SWEETHEART jewelry, here is an excellent source you can read!!!
Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

If you are a lover of history like I am and love vanities, this is a super elegant and pretty one to love!!! This is a full set with the original vanity made of oak. She has her original mirror where the 2 ends fold in or you can leave them flat. The mirror does has some de-silvering, although being minimum 130 years old, I think she looks pretty dang good!

   She has beautiful molding on the sides along with the top of the mirror, 2 pull drawers on each side with skeleton key holes. She does have the original skeleton to lock the drawers which never happens!

   In the middle, she has a shelf that is lower and is 3/4 circle that is really neat! She does have the cane directly underneath the middle part of the mirror and is in perfect condition! There isn't any holes or broken pieces!

   The chair bottom is cane and is in excellent condition also for the age with no broken pieces, holes, etc.! There is a lovely round fringed chair pad that serves as a protector for the cane that is a lovely cranberry color that is in perfect condition! The chair slides right on into the 3/4 circle!

   This is a beautiful vanity set that you shouldn't miss out on!!! Remember, we offer lay-a-way! $449.00
  Lovely Art Deco 14kwg Filigree Black Onyx Diamond Center Ring
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Oh my! Art Deco! Up for grabs is this amazing 14k, white gold, stunning filigree, black onyx, with a bead set diamond in the middle of a gold diamond shaped milgrained bezel setting!

  She is a nice size 6.5 and is soooooo.....pretty! She is prong set and is extremely sturdy! Very nice piece of Art Deco history!!!
Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

This vanity with the original chair is simply nothing but AMAZING, elegant and quite beautiful!

   This research has taken me down a road that I wasn't expecting, to the Grand Rapids Historical Society. After several emails, photos, telephone calls, etc. I believe and hoping that I have the actual facts!

   This is a stunning vanity that is from Sligh Furniture Company out of Grand Rapids, MI. from the era of a pinned down point by the Historical Society from 1919 to 1922 due to the maker's badge, somewhat.

   It was determined for the specific dating due to how the lettering is on the actual badge through the Historical Society for this specific vanity, mirror and original chair.

   The chair is ORIGINAL to the vanity which is Mahogany and has hand painting on the mirror and on the actual vanity itself. The chair shares the same badge as this is how I know it is true to this specific set.

   The set is French and Colonial-influenced furniture and is in excellent condition for being just shy of 100 years old! It holds the original Mahogany wood and is an extremely heavy piece. The front drawers hold a burl wood appearance. I do believe it to be burl wood and not veneer.

   All drawers are dove tailed and slide in and out with ease. Their are no breaks, etc. in the mirror or on the mirror and on top is hand painted motifs along with hand painted motifs on the actual middle part of the vanity middle here you push in the chair.

   She does have love marks on her top, although it doesn't take away from her extreme beauty or originality of these exquisite set. The fabric on the chair is pink and seems to be original, although I cannot make that promise. Their is a light stain on the pink fabric, although it isn't noticeable if you aren't truly looking for it. The chair is sturdy as the day she was made!

   The vanity set is extremely sturdy, extremely beautiful and it has not been restored nor touched in any way.

   This is a set that you need to come in and see for yourself for you to fully understand and share the beauty and respect what you are truly seeing. The history is amazing and all 3 pieces are in excellent condition! A true Art Deco must have!!! $549.00





I will be open today in this nasty, nasty weather!!! Lots of work needs to be done and stunning & amazing jewels need to be researched and put out! I will be there from 11am to at least 5 pm unless the weather gets worse & I need to check on my pups!

  Amazing 1930's "Made in Austria" Green, bright and glowing rhinestone brooch with moonstone cabochons and wire wrapped faux pearls. At the bottom it has emerald navettes as leaves. An AMAZING piece! Come check it out!!!