Mother of Pearl with "Mother" in metal with a very nice and different shaped locket. It has the Victorian brooch backing with tube hinged pin and c-catch fastener.

  Inside it does hold photos as you see in pic #3 the tubes going around the inside, that comes out and you add your photos in and that is what makes them stay in place. A beautiful piece of history!

  This item is extremely rare to find, extremely historical and absolutely a jaw dropping piece of WOW!

   What a rare and very beautiful ring crafted in sterling silver and signed by Ostby & Barton. It was made by Ostby & Barton, a very successful jewelry firm in Providence, Rhode Island, founded in 1879. Firms owner Mr.Ostby perished on the Titanic in 1912 at the age of 65. Firms jewelry became highly sought after by collectors around the world!

   This very unique signed Ostby Barton ring is one of a kind treasure! Its impressive size and uniqueness makes it to stand out from the rest! High craftsmanship and beautiful design are incorporated in this rare piece of jewelry.

   Gorgeous detailed hand engraved setting is centered with rarely seen bezel set carnelian double cameo portrait depicting Mythological Zeus and Hera. Cameo is very detailed and is done in very high relief.

   Highly sought after. If you are into the history of jewelry from the Titanic and Victorian jewelry, this is the piece to have! Extremely lovely and extremely collectable!
  Ok, this is what I live for! I live for the history is these beautiful vintage jewels. Here, I present to you nothing but elegance and stunning in the same sentence!

   This late 1920's to early 1930's Art Deco ring is 18k white gold with a .17ct old European cut diamond. The Diamond offers excellent sparkle & brilliance with a GIA grade G in color and VS2 in clarity. WOW!

   This ring is in exceptional condition for the age and was kept in a safe until I got it. This is the largest diamond I have seen in the filigree rings as usually they are bead set. This one...vaaavaaa...voom!

   The open filigree is beaded and has superior milgrain detail with an etched shank and flower motif on the shoulders and 4 corners. The ring is a size 6 and may be resized.

   Let's just say that I know for a fact if you love Art Deco, you love white gold, you love filigree and diamonds....you'll be in love with this baby!
  If you are a blue sapphire gal like me, then I tell ya ladies this will have your eyes loving on this! This is a very lovely and fine 18ct. (from Europe) yellow gold, blue sapphire 3 stone diamond cocktail ring with the 3 large blue sapphires weighing in just over a karat. The 3 stone signify the past, present and future. There are a total of 20 beautiful diamonds weighing in to .30 of a ct. with all diamonds ranging in I J color and SI1 to I1 in clarity.

   This lovely ring is 18ct. gold and tested by a local jeweler and has been thoroughly checked to ensure all prongs are nice and tight and all stones are secure, along with accuracy of quality of all stones. All diamonds and the 3 large sapphires are all prong set.

   The 20 diamonds - 30 ct. surround these 3 lovely large sapphires with the center stone being the largest. It has an open back setting so water can dry easily. It is a size 7 and she is ready to go for her second life of someone loving her again! Will it be you?

   This bracelet is old! I had to polish the sides a bit so I could see the art work. I am not sure of the tribe on this bracelet as I couldn't find it in my research. This could very well be a Fred Harvey era piece. Very lovely and large chunks of stones and the bracelet is in beautiful vintage condition.

   This is definitely a piece of the past! These were very huge in the good 'ole flapper days of the Art Deco era! This is a very lovely Art Deco filigree cobalt chromium enameled topaz glass large center stone hinged bracelet with original catch chain that is in EXCELLENT condition for almost or is 100 years old!! The enameling is perfect and there are no scratches, chips, flea bites, etc. out of the glass stone.

   She closes nicely and stays closed without any type of separation and doesn't come apart. The catch chain is in perfect condition itself! This is a lovely piece...I'm in love with it..and I know someone will be thrilled with her like I am! This is history, this is Art Deco...I was born in the wrong era!

About Cobalt Chrome aka Chromium:

   Cobalt-Chrome is an alloy composed of approximately 67% Cobalt, 27% Chromium, and 6% Molybdenum. Renowned in the metals industry for its superb wear resistance, Cobalt-Chrome is the metal of choice for artificial joints including knees, hips, fingers, toes, and others. As such, the metal is highly biocompatible and ideal for use in certain jewelry applications as well.

   While Cobalt-Chrome has an incredible luster after high polish, it does, however, have certain limitations in jewelry making. The high level of wear resistance also causes it to resist tools, making it very difficult to drill holes, set stones, or size in a traditional manner. The best use for this metal can therefore be found in pendants, earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. that do not require sizing and designs that showcase the metal versus stones. Stones, when needed, can be riveted or glued in place. Another benefit of Cobalt-Chrome is its susceptibility to blackening. Blackening is done through a chemical process that creates a black oxide layer providing a wonderful contrast with platinum, palladium, and gold alloys. The blackening process itself is not widely published; however, many jewelers have devised their own methods for durable blackening of this metal.

   Beautiful and amazing. This Mid to late Victorian Gutta Percha Victorian Carved Cameo Mourning Hair Locket Pendant definitely has history. This gorgeous cameo pendant measures 1 3/4" long and 1 1/4" wide.

   The cameo by itself is about 1" long and 3/4" wide and depicts the image of a woman's head an is in extremely high relief. The inside contains a floral border and two photo covers with the original hair is beneath both. There aren't any chips or cracks in the piece and is beautiful aging condition.

  Gutta Percha: Definition: a dark (black or near-black), rubber-like gum derived from the resin of trees from Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia; highly flexible yet durable, it began to be used in the 1840s for jewelry, especially mourning jewelry in the latter 19th century, as a more reasonable substitute for jet; designs are almost always molded, however, as opposed to carved.

   If you love the Art Deco era as much as we do, then this is for you! This bracelet is made out of 10k white gold, size 6.5" and has a slide clasp. There is absolutely no way for this to come off of your wrist. You do need to slide it on over your hand, so it does need a smaller hand.

   She had a nice, shiny and pretty tested diamond in the middle of the gold illusion diamond center in the middle along with diamond shaped emerald glass on each side. This was not uncommon for this era as the women wanted the prettier colors of these stones as they didn't have the tools of today to make emeralds as nice as now!

   She is absolutely amazing with filigree throughout that is durable and sturdy and can I just mention....just dang beautiful!

1950's - 60's Mink, Satin & Chiffon Evening Dress by Sarmi of N.YToday · · Taken at Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage JewelsThis is so elegant it speaks volumes when you see her up close. This is made by Sarmi of N.Y. an Italian designer whom worked for Elizabeth Arden in his earlier years. This lovely evening dress is quite stunning and amazing! She has mink on the bust and arm area, satin lining right under the bust area and the rest is flowing chiffon. This is a head turner and would be beautiful as a wedding dress or even as an evening party dress. It is nothing short of stunning! This is a definite MUST SEE IN PERSON!!!!!!

About the designer:

From 1951 to 1959, Sarmi was head designer for Elizabeth Arden. It was during this time that he developed a reputation as a top designer, wooing an influential clientele that included celebrities, New York socialites, and foreign dignitaries. Pat Nixon wore a Sarmi for Arden gown to her husband's second Inaugural Ball in 1957. He was best known for his opulent evening looks, and for his use of extravagant fabrics such as swansdown. Sarmi left Arden and opened his own Seventh Avenue boutique in 1959. In 1960, he was awarded the prestigious Coty Award for fashion design. His collection included haute couture and ready-to-wear apparel that set the pace for 1960s fashion in New York. His designs commonly featured intricate embroideries, vivid colors, and racy hemlines as well as hand silkscreened silks and the first-ever tie-dyed silk chiffons used in haute couture, designed and produced by Tzaims Luksus.

During the late 1960s, the house fell upon financial difficulties. In 1972, his business was renamed Ferdinando Sarmi, but it closed shortly thereafter.
Here are a few pieces of sterling with turquoise. I forgot to take pics of bracelets and watch...I have Navajo items, South Western, signed Maisel turquoise and pieces possibly from the Fred Harvey era. I have rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, leather cabochon hat band, loose stones, etc. I know these aren't the best pics...but it gives an idea... :0)

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