If you an Eisenberg collector of jewels and know that Eisenberg first started off as clothing designers in 1914, this is the holy grail of costume jewelry history!

   Eisenberg is one of the most sought after and one of the most high end designers to this day and highly collectable for the vintage jewelry pieces.

   The dress is simply spectacular and is a 1940's with the original tag inside. I is black crushed velvet with a heavy coated thread that are puffy.. It has a deep V line in the back with button loops. At the very bottom, it does need to be repaired as it seems that it needed to have the buttons about 3 more buttons down! It is repairable and isn't bad at all!

   The size of this spectacular dress is a minus 2 and I had to buy the bust she was on as there would of been no way for me to find such a small bust to fit this beautiful dress.

   Come on by and see the beauty that our wonderful jewels hold as I worked hard to get this wonderful piece of history and I hope that you will too!

   Shown with the dress are 2 spectacular clear rhinestone signed pieces that sparkle to no end Unfortunately, sparkle doesn't show very well! I do have other beautiful pieces of Eisenberg jewels in different colors!

   She is for sale if anyone is interested. $400.00. Firm.


Eisenberg History!

   Known for its use of Swarovski crystals and colored stones, as well as superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, Eisenberg & Sons was one of the most highly regarded costume jewelry manufacturers in the 1930s and '40s. The company was famous for its replicas of 18th-century fine jewelry, which appeared authentic right down to the pewter-colored metal. Eisenberg also produced stunning figurals, often set in sterling silver.

   Eisenberg & Sons actually began as a women’s clothing company in 1914 when Jonas Eisenberg founded the firm. Jewelry was used to decorate the clothing to make it more appealing to customers. Unfortunately, the jewelry kept getting stolen because it was so attractive.

   Today, collectors can recognize an authentic piece of vintage Eisenberg jewelry by its mark. The words "Eisenberg Original" were used from roughly 1935 to 1945, while just plain "Eisenberg" or "Eisenberg Ice" was used from about 1945 to 1950. To make matters more complicated, silver pieces made from 1943 to 1948 were called "Eisenberg Sterling" and some Eisenberg pieces created between 1952 and 1970 have no trademark stamp at all.

   In terms of the forms themselves, look for medallion-like pins and clips festooned with aqua, ruby, and crystal stones. Many Eisenberg pieces are abstract and vaguely organic, but others resemble kings, queens, mermaids, and ballerinas.

   Animals were also Eisenberg favorites. Some were relatively straightforward embellishments of horses, zebras, birds, and butterflies, but other Eisenberg brooches told mini-stories, like the one depicting Puss in Boots or a clip called Piggy Goes to Market from 1941 that Eisenberg created for the Eaves Costume Company.

   More generic, but no less dazzling, are the vintage Eisenberg rhinestone-studded bows, rhinestone clips with an Art Deco look, and brooches made entirely of cabochons. Some clips were intended to be sewn into a garment; rare examples were sold in pairs and joined by chains.

   Other vintage Eisenberg pieces of note include the sterling silver pieces set with a type of quartz called citrine, which Eisenberg cleverly branded as "Topaz quartz." In the mid-1940s, the company also made a few pieces in 14-carat gold, as well as a collection of turquoise pieces crafted by artisans in Mexico. Finally, the enameled pieces from the 1970s are quite charming, including the hand-painted, 18-carat gold pins and earrings in the Artists Series, as well as the simple, enameled brooches of yellow sunflowers, cream water lilies, and purple trees with matching earrings.
   If you are a lover of history like I am and love vanities, this is a super elegant and pretty one to love!!! This is a full set with the original vanity made of oak. She has her original mirror where the 2 ends fold in or you can leave them flat. The mirror does has some de-silvering, although being minimum 130 years old, I think she looks pretty dang good!

   She has beautiful molding on the sides along with the top of the mirror, 2 pull drawers on each side with skeleton key holes. She does have the original skeleton to lock the drawers which never happens!

   In the middle, she has a shelf that is lower and is 3/4 circle that is really neat! She does have the cane directly underneath the middle part of the mirror and is in perfect condition! There isn't any holes or broken pieces!

   The chair bottom is cane and is in excellent condition also for the age with no broken pieces, holes, etc.! There is a lovely round fringed chair pad that serves as a protector for the cane that is a lovely cranberry color that is in perfect condition! The chair slides right on into the 3/4 circle!

   This is a beautiful vanity set that you shouldn't miss out on!!! Remember, we offer lay-a-way! $449.00
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  If you are a collector, then this is it! Delizza & Elster made the most amazing pieces in costume history! Here we have a brooch and earring set by D&E 1965 with 2 heliotropes (German Vitrail Dark) in a styled basket with earrings. Book pc by Ann Pitman, page 151.

   These are beautiful Fall colors and in EXCELLENT condition with both the earrings and the brooch! Nicely layered with clear stones and nothing but spectacular as you would expect from Delizza & Elster!
  Here we have a high end designer that did exceptional work! This is a lovely set of a grape figural brooch and earrings with stunning enameling and light and dark blue navettes and chatons. In excellent condition and very unique for our wine tasters on their tours! (Researching the designer and hoping to have it narrowed down soon!)  $119.00 for Set
  If you are a purse collector, than do I have some beauties for you! I have several that aren't photo'd here, so you'll just to come on by to take a peek! I've got Victorian to 1930's mesh purses and coin purses from Whiting & Davis, micro beaded and petite point going up to the 1950's in immaculate condition, and even a rare to find tatted Victorian purse.

   I've got them from Paris, France, Belgium, United States, and the list goes on! These purses are perfect and perfect for every occasion!

   I have purses that are clear Lucite and fretted, clutch and shoulder bags along with vintage Coach, vintage box purses and specialty purses in all types of price ranges. Again, not everything is shown as I have MANY!!!

  Come take a peek and let's play!


   In decades past, a woman’s purse spoke volumes about her personality, as well as her style. As decades have passed, style has been defined by trendsetting Hollywood celebrities rather than how a woman actually feels about the product. Some women have stayed true to themselves and kept their vintage styled purse in their wardrobes.

   When a woman is confident about herself, she does not feel the need to follow what everyone else is doing. She is free to carry whichever style handbag she likes. Many women love the look of a vintage purse.

   There are several different styles in vintage purses, such as varying sizes, adornments, and colors. Another key component is which length to purchase, as vintage purses come in clutch or shoulder bag styles along with many others.
  This is absolutely lovely! This beautiful yellow swirled glass brooch holds history, rarity and elegance. It is getting harder and harder to find these lovely pieces in such beautiful condition. She is made with amazing swirled yellow glass with a delicate heart filigree with milgraining in brass on the top holding black glass stones.

   The bezel is a brass twisted rope design. She is set very securely even though her bezel has a few bumps. It is signed on the pin tube as I tried to take photos for you to see. Just overall a very lovely piece. Photos don't show the pretty swirls in the yellow or actually how pretty she really is! A definite must see in person! The history behind this is quite amazing in itself! Read below for the history! $89.00.

   HISTORY: In 1918 the Czechs and Slovaks became united. They were freed from the rule of Austria and Hungary and the land in which they lived is now called Czechoslovakia. Prior to World War I, the jewelry from this area was called Bohemian and often not marked. After WW I, the jewelry was marked with Czecho-slovakia, Czechoslovakia or Made in Czechoslovakia.

   During the 1920s and 1930s, Czech jewelry was highly sought after in the United States. It was exported in large quantities.

Vintage Jewelry History:

   Lesser known is that exquisite glass beads and glass stones were also exported to America in large quantities. They were used in the costume pieces of the famous design houses of the day like Haskell and Trifari. This was because the glass makers of Bohemia, especially those from the town of Gablonz (now Jablonec), had been perfecting their craft for over 300 years prior.

   Gablonz glass beads and glass gemstones were made from long rods of glass. The rods were heated until malleable. Then, molds were pressed into the glass canes to form each bead and gemstone. The individual pieces were then faceted and polished by hand as necessary.

   In the late 1800's, machinery was introduced to aid in the manufacture of faceted stones. Daniel Swarovski helped the Gablonz glass makers embrace the new technology. Soon machine-made strass (faux diamonds) were also a burgeoning industry for the glass makers. However, many glass beads and stones were still hand cut.

   The advent of World War II devastated the Gablonz glass making and jewelry industries. Families fled the area upon the 1938 occupation. Those left were forced to make trinkets for the Nazis. Tragically, many others, like the famous Neiger Brothers were killed at Auschwitz.
   From the era of Rowen & Martin's "Laugh In", mod styles and go-go dancing, 1960s fashions bloomed in bright colors and geometric patterns. Enameled flower brooches were a colorful accent which could be worn on dresses, purses, scarves, belts and hats, and still can today!

   They popped up everywhere and had fun doing it! They are such fun to wear, singly or in sets. Some pieces are signed! Very colorful, playful and they just make ya happy!!!