1922 Claw footed Bath tub for sale! Must finally let go. Missing one leg, one leg is fully bent over due to people getting in it when I am not there...full size and porcelain. (I have the other leg, it just needs to be found!) Can be repainted. Puuurfect for the shabby chic'd garden! Priced to sell! $75.00 as found. Come by and see for yourself..it's a cutie!!!

  Do you like the cat eye look? With this very STUNNING pair of cats eye, bat wing glasses, you can achieve the look instantly in these original 1950's glasses!

  These glasses are in excellent, used, good condition, normal vintage wear. Very beautiful frames! They are the color black with a cream vanilla line going through to show off the bat wings! They do have metal flower accents on the top right and left at are petite and cute!

  They have regular eye glass lens in them now, although you can change them to your prescription, sunglasses or no prescription at all!

Lens size - 44mm
Bridge size -20mm
Temple Length-5 1/2"
Across Front- 5 3/8"
Lens Brow to cheek- 1 1/2"
(including frame)
Inside Hinge To Hinge- 4 3/8"

Y  our Optometrist can adjust and fit them with ease. These are just fun, hip and kewl! $89.00


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  Here at Black Cat Relics we specialize in antique and vintage jewels from the late 1700's Georgian era, Victorian eras, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco eras to the 1970's of the bold and beautiful!

  Our passion is to bring exquisite and stunning vintage rhinestones from exceptional collector's condition to pieces that need to be loved again!

  We love the Victorian to Art Deco Eras and have jewels, chatelaines, photo albums, perfume bottles, powder tins and so much more to prove it! Come visit our Victorian to Art Deco cases to find that beautiful piece of history! Come take a peak at our decades of jewels!


Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

   Brides, collectors, repurposers and folks that enjoy antique & vintage jewelry...come check this out! These drawers are full to the top with pieces that I can't fit into the cases! Most are in excellent condition to just wanting someone to love them again and then there are pieces for repurposing and repair! These drawers are exploding!

   Signed pieces and sets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pendants w/ sets, watches, watch bands, bracelets, craft & repairs along with misc. items from .25¢ & up!

   Come go through the drawers! We have a velvet that we put on top of one of the cases and let ya dump out one drawer at a time! TONS & TONS of jewels!!!!!!!!!! New stuff added daily and only at Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels!

PLEASE NOTE: There are MORE photos at the end of the history of this AMAZING bracelet!

   The ancients believed that the snake is a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal. Regularly casting off it's old skin, the serpent always emerges with a sleeker, newer self. You, too, will feel refreshed when wearing this spellbinding handmade 18 ct yellow rolled gold, Victorian snake hair bracelet.

   Early Victorian 1830's-1840's hair jewelry history in the form of a Serpentine. It is tested 18k rolled gold with garnet eyes hair bracelet. This is amazing and is NOT considered mourning jewelry.

   The clasp closes in the serpentine's mouth and stays closed and opens easily. It has a heart charm that also tests 18k and is rolled gold. There are a few spots of blemishes in this stunning and rare hair bracelet. This will fit a 7" wrist or smaller comfortably.

   The Victorians had one belief that the snake biting its own tail is a symbol of eternity life and love.

   This is truly one of a kind and extremely rare. Don't let this early history pass you by especially with this unique and one of a kind piece of true Early Victorian history! $389.00


Victorian Period

   The popularity of jewelry crafted with human hair can be attributed to several causes. Practically, unlike many other natural materials, human hair does not decay with the passing of time. Hair has chemical qualities that cause it to last for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. Additionally, by the 19th century many hair artists and wig makers had too little employment after the powdered wigs, often worn by noblemen of the 17th and 18th centuries, went out of fashion. The period of sentimentality, characteristic of the Victorian era, offered these craftsmen a new opportunity to earn their income working with hair.

   Early hair jewelry was usually made in cooperation with goldsmiths producing beautiful and expensive creations of hair mounted in gold and often decorated with pearls or precious stones. Pieces constructed with precious materials by artisans were naturally very expensive.

   Workshops where these fashionable items were made existed across Europe. Buyers of human hair traveled the countryside and purchased hair from poor peasants, sometimes in exchange for a scarf, ribbon or other small luxury object. In addition to the needs for hair jewelry, there was still a need for great amounts of hair for braids and switches that women wanted to purchase for their coiffeurs. Most hair jewelry, however, was made from a person of special interest's hair, whether that was a famous figure or a family member or friend.

   In contrast to the expensive pieces of hair jewelry crafted by artisans, many women of the 19th century began crafting their own hairwork in their homes. In America, popular magazines of the period, like Godey's Lady's Book, printed patterns and offered starter kits with the necessary tools for sale. Book of the period, like Mark Cambell's Self-Instructor in the Art of Hair Work offered full volumes devoted to hairwork and other "fancywork," as predominately female crafts were known at the time.

   In Europe various groups of women also took up the craft in their homes. The women of Mora, Sweden, became experienced in hairwork and made it possible for groups other than the very wealthy to afford hair jewelry. They had no money to buy expensive findings so they mounted the jewelry with wooden beads that they cleverly covered over with hair.

   Another reason for the construction of hair jewelry in the home was a lack of trust in commercial manufacturers. The concern was that the hair used in the jewelry would not be the hair that had been given to the jeweler, having been substituted with other hair.

   If you are lucky to find such jewelry, it is extremely rare to find it still around. You can find it as stunning wall art, although the actual pieces that were worn are much harder to find. If you find one and love the Victorian history, snatch it up as in this day and era folks don't truly understand the value and history of such pieces!

Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

Love exquisite filigree & Art Deco? If so, do I have a treat for you! Here I present only the best and finest of Ostby & Barton fine jewelry.

   Here we have a superb signed OB STERLING bangle bracelet with phenomenal laced filigree that is milgrained and ornate detail designed etched into the silver. The filigree is all in tact with no damage. It is perfect! It is stamped OB Sterling, as shown. (On the backside, above the stone, on the very top, on the left side.)

   The bracelet is 1 1/16" wide at widest point on front. 5/8" wide on back and sides 2 1/2" across. It will fit a 7" to a 7.5" wrist. It weighs a hefty 18.9g of solid sterling silver. The stone is amethyst glass and is in a beautiful marquis cut and in excellent condition. The clasp works great and has its original paperclip chain.

   This is a fine antique bracelet in excellent, gently used condition! It is a fine example of early 20th century American Filigree work as only Englehart Ostby could design, which makes these pieces so desirable and sought after. This bracelet is very rare and hard to find, especially in such fine condition! Very nice & rare piece...don't let this opportunity pass you by! $359.00

   Ostby & Barton was a very successful jewelry firm in Providence, Rhode Island, founded in 1879. Firms owner Mr.Ostby perished on the Titanic in 1912 at the age of 65. Firms jewelry became highly sought after by collectors around the world and is HIGHLY sought after for what is left today!!


  Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

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