Happy Howl-O-Ween to all! The Uptown businesses will be handing out candy to those ghouls & goblins rain or shine! Make sure you come on by to get your sweet tooth on!!! Great fun for all ages!!! See ya here for Howl-O-Ween trick or treat 3-5pm! Please be safe out there tonight!!!
                                                                           RAIN OR SHINE!!!
  Halloween in The Uptown Shopping Center is just around the corner! This Saturday the annual Richland Uptown Shopping Center "Trick or Treating" extravaganza will commence at 3:00 p.m and wrap up by around 5:00 p.m.! Bring your infants, toddlers, and you too!!! See ya here!
Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

   Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels has so much beautiful vintage jewelry that we have brought in special just for the holidays and we have marked it 75% off minimum! Now is your time to get it! You seriously don't want to miss this!!! See ya here! Located in The Uptown Shopping Center in Richland in the main breezeway! 509-371-9771


   On Wednesday the 28th, the store will be closed as I have a conference that I need to attend for the BIZCON in the Tri-Cities. I am being awarded grant money for new signage and it is a requirement for me to be there. Thanks so much for the understanding!!!
   Do you need chandelier prisms? Do you have a naked chandelier? We can help! These are nice, large 1950's Czech glass faceted crystal baroque chandelier prism drops with new wiring and "O" rings.

   There is a small crystal above held onto by an "O" ring and the wiring that goes onto the chandelier. Wiring and "O" ring in gold. Approximately 2.5" - 3" in length and over an inch at the widest point and faceted. Quantity 75 and in excellent condition! $5.00 each.

   Made in the famous Gablonz area of Czech, this glass symbolizes the skill and artistic talent of 20th century Czech glass makers.

   Bohemian glass is known worldwide for its extremely high quality and for the elegant designs of finished glass.
  Last week I have come across 3 beautiful natural conch and pink conch, carved beauties that need someone to love them again!

   The first is an Art Deco silver filigree that is beautifully carved with fine detail and nice relief. She is a brooch and pendant and has beautiful colors through her.

   The second is a signed piece by AMCO and is Art Deco. She is an en habille which means she is wearing a diamond necklace. She is 10k gold filled and has exquisite color and detail within the relief. I love her!!!

   The third, is an Art Deco pink conch shell with higher relief and has a gold overlay. Quite pretty and is a brooch!

   Come take a look at all of the beautiful natural cameo rings, bracelets, brooch-pendants, etc. from the Victorian eras to the 1950's that we have! We also have costume cameos and cameos in many different mediums. You'll love them like we do!!!

  It's Fall and time for something beautiful! This is an absolute luscious 100% cashmere cardigan sweater by Ballentye of Scotland. It has an stunning mink collar that can be taken off by unsnapping if needed.

   The inside is lined in lace and has satin buttons on each side of the cuffs. Also on each side in the front it is embroidered with a lovely floral motif. It had a button closure front at the bottom and has a stunning aurora borealis closure at the bottom that is in EXCELLENT condition! This is a size small/medium.

   Due to the quality and colors, this sweater is great to wear to a fancy event, although it can easily be dressed down with jeans for a casual evening out too. Wherever you decide to wear it, you can count on getting noticed!

   This sweater is in excellent condition with no holes, piling or stains. It is in excellent vintage condition. No flaws that I could find. It has been cleaned and is ready to put on and wear! This sweater is a stunner! $139.00
  Hey Everyone...

ope you are well! I just got home late last night from Rhode Island from the Costume Jewelry Collectors International convention. I was their for a week! Got AMAZING vintage jewels and one of a kind jewels that will never ever be seen again! These will start hitting the floor today! Open from 11am to 5:30pm. See ya here!!!!
  Beautiful and amazing. This Mid to late Victorian Gutta Percha Victorian Carved Cameo Mourning Hair Locket Pendant definitely has history. This gorgeous cameo pendant measures 1 3/4" long and 1 1/4" wide.

   The cameo by itself is about 1" long and 3/4" wide and depicts the image of a woman's head an is in extremely high relief. The inside contains a floral border and two photo covers with the original hair is beneath both. There aren't any chips or cracks in the piece and is beautiful aging condition. $179.00

   Gutta Percha: Definition: A dark (black or near-black), rubber-like gum derived from the resin of trees from Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia; highly flexible yet durable, it began to be used in the 1840s for jewelry, especially mourning jewelry in the latter 19th century, as a more reasonable substitute for jet; designs are almost always molded, however, as opposed to carved.
 Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

Large dancing couple brooch encrusted with clear and black swarovski crystals. Larger oval crystals used for the heads and 7 movable strands for the skirts. Each stone is mint, clear and beautiful!

The earrings are pierced and have 3 movable skirts. Just an exquisite demi parure! Perfect for that special bride, special dance, or as a collector!

These are book pieces. Sold as set for $179.00.