Looking to buy antique and vintage jewelry! Come see me...email me...let's make it happen! Pass on the word...just like it's the gospel! Mama needs jewelry!!! Thank you!!!

Antique - Vintage Jewelry from the...

  • Georgian jewelry (1714–1837)

  • Early Victorian, romantic jewelry (1837–1855)

  • Mid-Victorian, grand jewelry (1856–1880)

  • Late Victorian, aesthetic jewelry (1885–1900)

  • Arts and crafts jewelry (1894–1923)

  • Edwardian jewelry (1901–1915)

  • Art Nouveau jewelry (1895–1915)

  • Art Deco jewelry (1915–1935)

  • Retro jewelry (1945–1960)
  • That 70's Bold & Beautiful (1970's-Early)
Necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings, hat pins, etc. Everything that is jewelry and girliefied! Thank you!



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