I have 2 Ford Gum 1¢ gum ball machines in perfect working and collector's condition. This beautiful machine is original with time appropriate red suction feet, metal internal dispensing parts, chrome plated body with the words Ford Gum on either side of the dispenser service channel, glass globe molded to the Ford penny sticker, Ford's earlier font metal plate, and Ford lock. Has Ford gum balls inside with the original Ford gum ball boxes.

   One machine is from the 1940's and the other is from the 1950's. Perfect working order. No chips or cracks in glass and the bottom chrome base is beautiful on each. The manufacturer's serial plate, ID plate and the globe sticker are in excellent condition.

  The red rubber feet are in amazing condition, less the drying that occurs to rubber with age. This unit does not look like it was ever placed into commercial operation as it does not show the type of handling wear that would be expected for it's age. A very nice piece for any collector. These are great advertising memorabilia.

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