(Sorry folks, the pic wouldn't turn correctly for me!)
  I have beautiful vintage chandeliers that are AMAZING!!! I have a beautiful 3 tier Aurora Borialis chandelier that was made in Spain and brought here from England. Has all the beautiful crystals and works awesome! It is a 6 arm and is brass. I have 3 lights unscrewed as it is very bright! Stunning!

   I have another beautiful brass chandelier with 8 arms with clear crystals and very rare and hard to find amethyst crystals. Again, I have light bulbs unscrewed due to it being very bright! WOW! This is a beauty!

   Then, I have 2 adorable floral chandeliers that are from the late 60's to early 70's and they are absolutely beautiful! These you need to see in person to get the full effect! They would look perfect in the shabby chic home!

   And, we have the absolute beautiful hot pink chandelier that I did a full makeover on! Painted her, fully added brand new rewiring, new chain, vintage clear crystals, pink crystals, new glass that goes around the light bulb and a hot pink light bulb! Too awesome!

   Come on in and see for yourself how beautiful in person these chandeliers really are! Unfortunately pics just aren't showing them off real well. Chandeliers go from $129.00 to $629.00.

Thank you!

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