This is an absolute beauty and honestly if you love history of the Victorian Era, it is simply breath taking. This is a Victorian Pyrope Bohemian Gilt Garnet Star Brooch. c. 1870 to 1880 Victorian 10 pointed three-layered star-shaped brooch of deep ruby red Bohemian rose cut garnets set in gilt metal with a C-catch, tube hinge. This beautiful 3 layered star brooch has a secret glass compartment. These were used to hide items, although were mostly known as a mourning locket.

 Garnet as a gemstone had its heyday in the Victorian era when other dark "anti-gems" such as pyrite and jet were also popular. Garnets were thought to be a malady for blood disorders or anger. Pyrope is the name of the deep red, orange-red or purplish garnet. The major source of garnet gems from the Renaissance through the Victorian Era were the "Bohemian " pyrope deposits in the vicinity of Trebenice, Czechoslovakia, thus the name Bohemian garnets.

  Bohemian Garnets were mined from a certain mountain region in Bohemia, now long exhausted of its garnets, never to be found again. They are characterized by their intensely rich deep red color.

Pyrope Garnets  Czech Republic - The Pyrope has the deepest fiery red color of the entire garnet family. This unique Garnet is world reknown as the famous Bohemian Garnet and has been mined from the mountains of Bohemia for over 600 years. Bohemia became Czechoslovakia after World War I.



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