Absolutely stunning, glistening, bright, and down right a WOW FACTOR piece of history! This beauty is is "MINT" and collectors condition. Prongs are nicely placed around each stone and each paste clear stone is brilliant and original.

  This piece has been severely researched (as each of my pieces) and has been placed in between the dates of 1950-1958. The rhodium on this beauty is perfect!

  This elegant "Eisenberg Ice" brooch was in high demand back then and is still now! The quality of Eisenberg stood apart from other high end costume designers back in there day. With Eisenberg pieces costing $100.00 and more back in the very late 1930's and later, Eisenberg collectors really understand the meaning of what these beauties are truly all about!

  With the owner's of Eisenberg coming to American in 1880, they were first known for there high end women's clothing line. To help set them apart, they added jewels that were made out of Austrain crystals on each piece of clothing for higher fashion. The ladies were taking them off, stealing and trying to purchase. The retailers of the clothing came to the Eisenberg Company and shared what was happening. This is how the Eisenberg jewelry line actually was created in the early 1930's.

  Because Mr. Jonas Eisenberg was from Austria, he thought that it would only be right to use the best and highest quality rhinestones available, making each piece made an expensive piece for the time period.
  It is also known that later on, during WWII that Eisenberg made brooches out of Sterling Silver, and later making out of even gold. There is something to say about Eisenberg jewelry and that is just sweet elegance and just plain beauty!



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