Victorian 1837 LARGE Old & New Testament w/ Apocrypha - AMAZING!

This is something you don't see every day! This is the first to announce the beginning of the Early Victorian Era in 1837 coming right out of the Georgian Era 1837 with the ascension of Queen Victoria to the throne.

When I found this, I literally was and still in awe. This bible is VERY LARGE, this and well to put it in words, just simply amazing! The spine is perfect and for being 176 years old, to me it is in OUTSTANDING condition.

The front and back covers are very thick and have been loved, although the pages inside are immaculate. There are absolutely no turned corners, no wrinkled pages, etc. The pages are heavier, thicker paper and the print is in amazing condition with still being dark with no fading. There are spots on the pages and it does have a basement smell as this bible has been pulled out for the first time in over 100 years.

This bible was published is 1837, 1837!!! Published by White, Dwier & Co. with the old & new testaments of the Holy Bible. It has The Apocrypha - translated out of the original tongues.

It has an alphabetical table and original references with when the original index of the bible was written with all of the significations.

Has family hand written history with marriage, birth and death dates along with a card of the original bible owner from the church in 1844.

Their is so much to this Holy Bible that it's hard to write here. It needs to be in a museum and preserved correctly. Due to the beautiful actual condition of this Holy Bible, this will be an item that will not be touch and if it is, they will be with cotton gloves and only to serious enquirers. I want this Holy Bible to stay in this beautiful condition that it is in and preserve it while I have it. This here is nothing but history and I am honored to have it and present it to you.



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