Extremely Rare Victorian Otsby & Barkton 10k Bohemian Garnet Ring - WOW!

  The most rarest item I've had yet. This Otsby & Barton signed 10k gold rose cut Pyrope Bohemian garnet ring is just simply breath taking. What a rare and very special ring crafted in 10K gold.

   From all the years of collecting Ostby Barton jewelry I've never seen such a fabulous rare ring fully decorated with bohemian garnets!! This ring was made in the 1880's and is quite stunning to survive 134 years!

   It is beautifully designed in the shape of 6-petal multilevel flower incrusted with individually set faceted Bohemian garnet stones of rose cuts, different shapes and sizes in elaborate gold setting!

   Garnet stones have a deep pigent red blood color that is called Bohemian Pyrope and sparkle like diamonds bringing lots of life to this gorgeous ring!!

   It was made by Ostby & Barton, a very successful jewelry firm in Providence, Rhode Island, founded in 1879. Firms owner Mr.Ostby perished on the Titanic in 1912 at the age of 65. Firms jewelry became highly sought after by collectors around the world! This very special ring is definitely a one of a kind treasure!

   Garnet as a gemstone had its heyday in the Victorian era when other dark "anti-gems" such as pyrite and jet were also popular. Garnets were thought to be a malady for blood disorders or anger. Pyrope is the name of the deep red, orange-red or purplish garnet. The major source of garnet gems from the Renaissance through the Victorian Era were the "Bohemian " pyrope deposits in the vicinity of Trebenice, Czechoslovakia, thus the name Bohemian garnets.

   Bohemian Garnets are real garnets that were mined from a certain mountain region in Bohemia, now long exhausted of its garnets, never to be found again. They are characterized by their intensely rich deep red color.

   Today's garnets range mostly in the lighter orange reds to watery reds and come mostly from India. Garnets are very plentiful today but the quality of Bohemian garnets has never been matched

   There are no words to describe the beauty of this spectacular ring!! It will definitely turn heads and sure to become your favorite in no time!



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