Victorian Gold Filled Buckle Cuff Floral Bangel

   Beautiful Victorian gold filled buckle cuff with elaborate floral chasing. Hinged buckle allows for three sizes. Signed Hayward, Gold filled. Made by the The Walter E Hayward Co, founded in 1851, believed to be one of the oldest fine jewelry manufacturers in the US. In excellent condition with no visible wear. Has maker's mark inside along with gold filled. Beautiful enameling. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

   The "Buckle" theme in jewelry is in right now and this is the original! How historical is that!

   The buckle (a very common theme in jewelry of the time) meant self-defense, strength and protection.

   Flower motifs were also popular in Romantic Period jewelry, (the Romantic Period from 1837 to 1861). Bracelets and bangles were very big—literally. Bracelets were composed of hand-worked gold links as well as gold chains punctuated by lozenges with enameled floral decorations at their centers. Large bangles with hinged clasps were often made out of rolled gold to produce scroll-like reliefs, some of which were accented with figures or animals in silver and other materials.

  Valentine's is almost here! Let us be your jewelry destination with original Victorian, Art Deco, Mid-Century and the Bold & Beautiful of the early 1970's! Big box store sell tons of the exact same thing, I have the one and only original pieces! See ya here! Enjoy your day!

  Super excited! Awesome vintage jewelry in the house! 14K opal ring that is a wow factor, diamonds in 14K yellow gold, sterling with beautiful garnets, stunning rhinestones...Ughhhh....I'm so in love!

  Can't wait for ya to see!!! Whoohoo!!Got some kewl late 1920's to 1934 powder compacts and a few kewl 1960's! These rock!!! And....and...kewl Victorian jewels and even a piece of Georgian jewelry. I'm so stoked as this is what my passion is...is to save this great pieces of history!


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