This ring is exquisite! I'm in LOVE! This beauty is an Art Deco hand carved and pierced 14k yellow gold filigree with milgraining going 3/4 down each side of the shank.

The black Onyx is held by 4 prongs and is nice and tight.The center of the onyx is inset with a white gold diamond shaped illusion frame set adorned by a .015CT round brilliant diamond bead set. Elaborated filigree shows off the wide shoulders. A lovely feather-like pattern embellishes half of the shank. This beauty is a size 6 ¼ and the shank is stamped "14KP" along with a makers mark of 7/3 within an H.

Amazing what the past holds and it's amazing what the jewelers could do with their imagination and hands! Pics don't do this baby justice...she's a jaw dropper!!!


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