This is definitely a piece of the past! These were very huge in the good 'ole flapper days of the Art Deco era! This is a very lovely Art Deco filigree cobalt chromium enameled topaz glass large center stone hinged bracelet with original catch chain that is in EXCELLENT condition for almost or is 100 years old!! The enameling is perfect and there are no scratches, chips, flea bites, etc. out of the glass stone.

   She closes nicely and stays closed without any type of separation and doesn't come apart. The catch chain is in perfect condition itself! This is a lovely piece...I'm in love with it..and I know someone will be thrilled with her like I am! This is history, this is Art Deco...I was born in the wrong era!

About Cobalt Chrome aka Chromium:

   Cobalt-Chrome is an alloy composed of approximately 67% Cobalt, 27% Chromium, and 6% Molybdenum. Renowned in the metals industry for its superb wear resistance, Cobalt-Chrome is the metal of choice for artificial joints including knees, hips, fingers, toes, and others. As such, the metal is highly biocompatible and ideal for use in certain jewelry applications as well.

   While Cobalt-Chrome has an incredible luster after high polish, it does, however, have certain limitations in jewelry making. The high level of wear resistance also causes it to resist tools, making it very difficult to drill holes, set stones, or size in a traditional manner. The best use for this metal can therefore be found in pendants, earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. that do not require sizing and designs that showcase the metal versus stones. Stones, when needed, can be riveted or glued in place. Another benefit of Cobalt-Chrome is its susceptibility to blackening. Blackening is done through a chemical process that creates a black oxide layer providing a wonderful contrast with platinum, palladium, and gold alloys. The blackening process itself is not widely published; however, many jewelers have devised their own methods for durable blackening of this metal.


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