This is a beautiful Victorian 1896 "Working" Elgin 7 jewel rolled gold double hunter pocket watch with serial # of 6782077. I had the back open once and I didn't get pics and when I have tried again, I broke a nail so I gave up...sorry guys! (I love my nails too much to keep trying! LOL! and I didn't want to use anything to try to pry it as I don't want to damage it.)

This watch works lovely and it working as I write this! It is a beauty! I did get the front lid off and it does have numbers on it that I was able to get pics of.

Now about the watch fob. It is original to the watch and I prefer not to separate it. It is a rolled gold antique Victorian watch double chain 10 3/4', 1" at split bar just shy of 1 3/4" Fob S.O.B. Bigney.

This watch and fob are hard to find, especially in this beautiful working condition. This won't last long at all!

Please see slide show to the right of the pic above! Thank you!


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