This is a very nice micro beaded glass reticule purse w/drawstring, She is black & multi-colored, and lined. Unfortunately there isn't any maker's mark or hallmarks, so this is unknown.

This is a lovely black reticule flapper drawstring purse whose background, fringe and drawstrings are black. In the middle of the purse is a bouquet of lavender and purple flowers in an elaborate mostly turquoise flourish vase. Two strings of alternating pink and blue flowers flank the vase. The centers of the flowers are gold and the attachment of the strings to the vase at the bottom is gold. There are also some green leaves. Same design on both sides. Just divine!

From the top of the handles to the bottom of the fringe is 17". The bag alone is 8-1/4" wide and 8-1/2" long plus the 2" loop fringe. About 16 beads per inch.

She is fully lined in a medium gray fabric which is original. There is a small round mirror covered with the lining material and attached to the inside of the purse. There is a pocket inside but it has been almost complete sewn shut.

There is a string hanging in the fringe and a few loose beads inside the purse. I don't see any bead loss anywhere else. Someone has sewn in the inside of the lining. For being how old she is and in exceptional condition, it's amazing how these micro beads stayed so perfect for this long! She is just lovely!

As a Victorian - Art Deco purse collector myself, this is in excellent condition, although for myself, I understand that these are 135 to 95 years old and just aren't perfect! I love them personally when they have use shown, missing beads, link, silk or whatever as it shows me that it was a well loved piece just like it is today!


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