Absolutely beautiful celluloid ring box with local history! First dated to 1949 with beautiful flowers and in excellent condition! This beauty can display the most perfect ring or hold a set in its perfect velvet. This is a lovely piece of history and if you are a Richland history buff, this needs to be in your collection!

   This is the first that I've had and honestly I think it's cool! I get beautiful celluloid ring boxes, but this is a first from one of the very first stores that was in The Uptown Shopping Center. McVicker's Jewelers was on the George Washington Side a store before the end of the building of where the antique mall is now.

   I think it's really cool for me to get this local piece of history back to my store that is only a very short walk away from mine! I couldn't find much history on this jewelry store except they were one of the very first businesses's back in 1949 to be in The Uptown and I only found dates leading to 1960 in my research. I am not a local and you are and have more history on this jewelry stoe I want to know!


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