She is a beautiful Art Deco creation in 14k white gold. This darling ring features 2 Sapphire Aqua colored synthetic corundum. The stones have a color changing quality, primarily Sapphire to Aqua but shifting with hints of green and purple. Each stone is in the shape of a shield set firmly by 3 prongs. There is an ornate bar that divides them with a flower on each end. Beautiful open filigree of floral patterns, beaded ribbons and scroll detailing embellish the gallery and continues throughout the upper shank. An etched leaf pattern is milgrained on the remaining shank. The ring is a size 7 3/4 to an 8. Absolutely phenomenal! This is classic Art Deco at its finest!

   Blue tones in corundum can be increased or decreased: which way it goes is controlled by altering heating and atmospheric conditions. High temperature and rapid cooling under reducing conditions can change the ions of iron and titanium in pale blue sapphires to a form which results in a stronger blue color.


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