If you are a true Cameo lover and love Edwardian jewelry of times gone by, this is such a beautiful and unique piece! This is the most exquisitely shaped hand carved Sardonyx brooch-pendant cameo that is new to the Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels collection of cameos. Experienced artisans who pour their heart and soul into making stunning Sardonyx brooch and pendant cameos have produced this masterpiece in design. A beautiful young woman’s profile is delicately portrayed.

  This lovely cameo is framed in 10k yellow gold with conch shell and the lovely lady is carved out of Sardonyx. This is one of the most prettiest little ladies that I have seen being a brooch and/or pendant!

  She is dated her by her clasp which is in the Edwardian Era - 1895 to 1915 although they stopped making this type of clasp in 1912. She is set in 10k yellow gold and has milgraining above the bottom which is like twisted rope. 10k is stamped on the clasp.

  She is 1.5 inch in length from top to bottom and at the widest part of the heart she is just shy of 1.5 inches in width. There is a lot of gold to this lovely gal as she sits in a deep bezel. She also has a bail for a chain to be a pendant along with being a brooch.

  Because she is hand-carved, each brooch cameo in Sardonyx shell is unique. This cameo in Sardonyx shell is the ONLY one of its kind. There are not 2 carved cameos alike! It is rarer and harder to find in this beautiful condition and in the exquisite heart shape.

  I have left all patina on her as I will leave the cleaning for the person who falls in love with her! Unfortunately, photos don't show the Sardonyx contrast in the high relief carving.. She is truly amazing and just an overall lovely piece of history and elegance.

  The unique heart shape gives this lovely cameo character all its own and will make a wonderful gift for a special person.

  I do have more photos if you would like to see more, as Etsy only allows 5 photos to be shown. We are a brick and mortar store. We do want you to feel and be comfortable with your purchase! If you would like to chat on the phone, please do not hesitate to call!

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