Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

Talk about history! My gosh! Simply elegant, simply amazing!

   Late Victorian hand scrolled, hand pounded Sterling perfume bottles with original daubers and 1 perfume funnel from France. You never, ever find the funnels for these precious bottles, or hardly these bottles! These beauties standing in the back row are the same and stand about 2.5" tall and are marked "Sterling" on the bottom.

   The one forward in the middle stands approx. 1.5" tall and has more pure Silver content at .950. This little lady is also has carved and hand pounded to perfection and made with love in the late Victorian Era.

   All perfume bottles have the original metal daubers that are connected to the screw top and have designs on each side of the bottles. Absolutely lovely! Very rare and extremely hard to find is the silver funnel that would be used to fill these lovely perfume bottles. This is quite a find and extremely lovely! $125.00 each.


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