Stunning Victorian 14k If you love uniqueness, let this one make it home with you! This is a gorgeous 585-14k yellow and rose gold Spinel ring that makes a statement! A statement that is a WOW FACTOR of love!

   In the actual yellow and rose gold going around the ring are posies surrounded by curly q's that are simply AMAZING! This blue Spinel is a large and gorgeous stone that just hasn't gotten much attention throughout the years. She has a hardness on the MOH scale of 8.

   She is a wonderful size 5.5 and shows beautifully! Originally she had a blue Spinel in her, although I had another that was brighter and crisper so I had her changed out by my jeweler. All prongs are nice and tight and set in beautifully!

   This piece is actually European as it has a maker's mark along with 585 marked inside. 585 is 14k gold in the U.S. Whomever decides to take this lovely home is super lucky to have such a lovely Victorian piece of history!!! $529.00

A Bit of History on Spinel:

   Spinel is a mineral group which produces some of the finest gemstones, yet it has never been accepted by the general public as a valuable adornment due to poor marketing. It has a hardness that is equal to topaz and is very durable. Historically, red Spinel was found first and was always thought to be Ruby or Garnet. Durability is very durable and is found in all colors!


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