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This is a very lovely, large round leather compact by Rex Fifth Avenue from is from 1939. It is about 5" round in a deep navy blue on the bottom and a black-blue on the front. She has the original powder puff with the ribbon and the original powder screen.

   The edging on the mirror has a warped look to it, although is not shattered and is completely intact and in excellent condition for being 76 years old and still very confidentially usable!

   She is leather and is smooth. The top is embossed with a daisy - leaf pattern and is quite lovely! It does have an indent blemish on the backside although it is not torn. It's more or like something was sitting on it and it has made an indent.

   The powder puff is in excellent condition and the has the original powder screen inside also. She is clean and does not have any powder in it.

   This is a lovely piece of girly history and has the original box to her which is a very rare occasion, if ever! She does have a patent number and is "Made in the U.S.A.!

   Come see this lovely compact with MANY other vintage compacts that we have from the 1920's to the 1950's! Perfect for making your own make-up! $39.00


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