This is a lovely piece of English history. Circa Art Deco era - This is an astounding beautiful 9k rose gold 4 bar bracelet with heart padlock and safety chain.

   The padlock opens by pulling up the lever and closes by pushing it down. Stamped 9K on the heart clasp and on the first link of bracelet. Absolutely beautiful!!!

   Originally designed during the mid Victorian period, a gate bracelet has a series of interlocked barred panels which resemble the gates that surrounded the estates and homes of the English countryside.

   The elongated links are similar to what is called a fetter link and the shorter ones skin to a belcher link. The bracelet is secured with a heart shaped padlock of 9k gold which clicks to open and close with no need for a key. Includes a safety chain. Wide and luxurious, with the width being 7". The alternating textures and its width make for an extra special bracelet.

   With the sturdy construction, this lovely bracelet sits comfortably flat on the wrist and will withstand the wear and tear of daily life. What a wonderful piece of history that was brought over from England many years ago and is in excellent antique condition today! This bracelet is destined to become a staple in your every day wardrobe!


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