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This is a very lovely Edwardian and vintage set. This lovely baby ring is 10k yellow gold and is engraved with designs all the way around. It has the original box and is ever so sweet! This ring is an infant size. $89.00

   The baby shoes are from 1941 and come with the original box and pamphlet insert. The shoes are in excellent condition as if they were hardly worn! These are ever so sweet! $39.00

About Baby Rings & Jewelry:

   In Victorian times, babies commonly wore exquisite gold, and less often, silver bracelets, rings, pins and bib clips. The bracelets were similar to today's "ID" bracelets where a flattened area was engraved with the word "baby". Rings were worn by babies to show elegance and wealth. They were engraved with the word "baby," "pet" or had a gemstone. mostly a garnet to a ruby.

   Pins, or brooches, also were sometimes engraved with the word "baby". Enamelling was sometimes used to in-fill the letters or to add a small floral decoration. Semi-precious stones such as garnets were sometimes set into gold bracelets and brooches.

   Victorian styles are often copied in today's jewellery styles for babies and children. Older children in Victorian times often wore gold or silver book-chain necklaces, cameos and bar pins. Many of these items were beautifully engraved. They became family heirlooms and many Victorian baby and children's jewellery items are now seen on display in museums. 


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