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If you are a cameo person here's one for you! There is a story to this lovely cameo, so keep reading!

   This is a lovely Late Edwardian Medusa with snakes, wings in her hair and a snake around her neck. This is in nice high relief and about 2.5" in length and about 1.5" in width.

   She is carved out of beautiful conch shell and is in rolled gold. She tests in all locations from 10k, 12k, 14k, to 18k and also has a few bare spots where the gold has worn from wear. On the back top right there is a hairline fracture although it does not go to the front and cannot be seen from the front. It does not take away from her beauty!

   She is in her casing nice and tight and does not move. She is a lovely brooch along with a pendant with the original chain she came with. It is gold plated. Absolutely amazing history! $689.00

   Now, here's the story! In one of my books, "Old Jewelry 1840-1950. The last photo is a Medusa that is extremely similar from this book that is 18k gold.

   Their are never 2 carved cameos that are exact, although can be similar. I was amazed that I found a Medusa in my book that was so close! This Medusa is rare to find and I have one for you to treasure!!!


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