This is a lovely piece. This pendant is is known throughout the Mediterranean area and beyond to ward off evil spirits.

   This lovely hand pendant is made up of 3 different properties. The large hand is .925 sterling silver with lovely filigree in the fingers and through the hand. It is marked .925 along with the chain.

   The center hand is 14k yellow gold and marked and stamped on the back of the hand 14k, very, very, tiny.

   In the center of the 14k gold hand is a lovely natural blue fire opal which is very bright and sparkly! Very, pretty opal cabochon!

   This hand pendant is on a .925 sterling chain and is approx. around an 1" in length. This hand pendant is dainty and is very, very nice! $389.00

   Many societies believe that some people have the ability to inflict death, disease or destruction by a glance; they have the ‘evil eye’. This belief is strongest in the countries around the Mediterranean, but is also found elsewhere, such as in Scotland and Ireland. If you wear such a lovely piece such as this hand, you are protected from such evil.  
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