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  This Siam signed Sterling silver bangle bracelet is a gorgeous teal blue enamel that positively glows. It is decorated with exquisite Sterling silver overlays of a Thai lands and floral motifs. The design on top the bright enamel is quite striking. It closes with a well functioning tongue and box clasp and there is also a safety chain. Its inside measurement is 2 ½ inches; the bracelet itself measures 3/8 of an inch wide. The interior is signed SIAM Sterling. The bracelet is in excellent condition. An unusual and beautiful bracelet – much of the `Siam' jewelry was done in black and silver – Niello; colorful enamels are rarer and more desirable. Exceptionally fine craftsmanship.

   These stunning creations were hand made in Siam (now called Thailand), and the figures, buildings or animals created in the jewelery usually depict characters and scenes from Hindu mythology. The country of Siam changed its name to Thailand in 1939, changing it back to Siam in 1945, and then was finally renamed Thailand in 1949.

   Most Siam jewelery you find is made from sterling silver, with black enamel style detail. The black and silver jewelery is called Siam Silver Nielloware, after the black enamel style technique called Niello used in its creation. Occasionally you may see fabulous colored Siam Silver, with green, blue, red and white enameling instead of black Niellowork. These colors are much more rare to find than you think. Overall, this is an absolute beauty.   $159.00



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