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   Lovely Hattie Carnegie jewelry with lockets from the 1940s. This Ornate bracelet features five links that are rectangular in shape and connected by three gold toned metal rings. The two outside links are designed with oval shaped gold toned metal plaque with a unique ornate design on the front of it.

The five inside links have lockets which open and are fastened by small gold toned metal tabs. All 5 lockets open and close perfectly. The bracelet measures 7" long by 1 1/4" in width and each locket has a 3/4" long by 1/2" wide space for the pictures. Back of two of link panels are signed "Hattie Carnegie" inside of a small oval cartouche on the top of the panel. Secure fold over style clasp.

This piece is in excellent condition with great shine and having minimal to no wear to the gold toned metal at all. Thinking it was treasured more than worn. There is camera reflection. It is in beautiful shape and it is hard to find in the 5 locket as you usually only see the 3 locket in this bracelet. This is exceptional! $349.00


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