Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

This is a lovely piece of jewel history! This is just such a beautiful paste rhinestone bracelet made out of pot's meta, bright rhinestones and in immaculate condition! Even though you can't see the sparkle of the rhinestones, I am amazed at how much they do sparkle and there aren't any rhinestones missing!

   In the front you have 4 lovely emerald green baguette rhinestones that make this lovely bracelet pop! On the backside of this bracelet are 3 marquis emerald stones that just are stunning along with clear paste rhinestones throughout!

   This bracelet is fully enclosed and snaps shuts easily and stays. You push down on the buttons to open it. It does have a tongue and groove closure with the wire inside when you close it. There is no way this can fall off of your wrist at all.

   This would fit a 7" wrist perfectly as sliding your hand in is with ease. This is pure Art Deco history at its finest! $159.00


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