If you love rhinestones, you've got to come in! I have thousands of beautiful and rare pieces, along with collectors pieces and pieces that need to be loved again!

   This set here is nothing but spectacular! This is an unsigned Weiss that is very rare and hard to find. I have found them that do not have the jappaning and they do have the maker's mark of Weiss on the brooch. Due to the jappaning, this set it is not signed, which is typical for Weiss. It would be on the back on the rear in the middle. Some pieces Weiss signed, most not!

   It has the geometric cut heliotrope stones along also known as watermelon with red eyes and a green rhinestone body. Prong set and extremely rare in the jappaning and to have the set with the earrings!

   In excellent collector's condition and extremely beautiful!!! Come take a peek at the thousands of pieces that are extremely gorgeous! I PROMISE you'll be in bling heaven!!!


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