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This vanity with the original chair is simply nothing but AMAZING, elegant and quite beautiful!

   This research has taken me down a road that I wasn't expecting, to the Grand Rapids Historical Society. After several emails, photos, telephone calls, etc. I believe and hoping that I have the actual facts!

   This is a stunning vanity that is from Sligh Furniture Company out of Grand Rapids, MI. from the era of a pinned down point by the Historical Society from 1919 to 1922 due to the maker's badge, somewhat.

   It was determined for the specific dating due to how the lettering is on the actual badge through the Historical Society for this specific vanity, mirror and original chair.

   The chair is ORIGINAL to the vanity which is Mahogany and has hand painting on the mirror and on the actual vanity itself. The chair shares the same badge as this is how I know it is true to this specific set.

   The set is French and Colonial-influenced furniture and is in excellent condition for being just shy of 100 years old! It holds the original Mahogany wood and is an extremely heavy piece. The front drawers hold a burl wood appearance. I do believe it to be burl wood and not veneer.

   All drawers are dove tailed and slide in and out with ease. Their are no breaks, etc. in the mirror or on the mirror and on top is hand painted motifs along with hand painted motifs on the actual middle part of the vanity middle here you push in the chair.

   She does have love marks on her top, although it doesn't take away from her extreme beauty or originality of these exquisite set. The fabric on the chair is pink and seems to be original, although I cannot make that promise. Their is a light stain on the pink fabric, although it isn't noticeable if you aren't truly looking for it. The chair is sturdy as the day she was made!

   The vanity set is extremely sturdy, extremely beautiful and it has not been restored nor touched in any way.

   This is a set that you need to come in and see for yourself for you to fully understand and share the beauty and respect what you are truly seeing. The history is amazing and all 3 pieces are in excellent condition! A true Art Deco must have!!! $549.00


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