Stunning 18k white gold, amazing filigree natural blue sapphire ring.

   This 1920's piece of love is in EXCELLENT condition and has a beautiful and very nice blue color to the sapphire. The sapphire is a nice 1/2 carat in a bezel setting, sitting in an attractive hexagon face with milgraining going down each part of the filigree and has lovely wheat engraving on the shank of the ring.

   She is a nice ring size at a 5 and can be resized up or down. She is in beautiful round. She shows and wears well. She does have her numbers of 18k still etched inside the shank, although it is hard to see and has worn down a bit. She has been acid tested and proves to be 18k white gold.

   She is perfect for a right hand ring, engagement ring or a cocktail ring with history and glory! Come see her is person and see how special she really is!



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