Black Cat Relics Antiques & Vintage Jewels

This is just an absolutely beautiful and amazing piece. This was a custom made piece for a gal back in the 1950's. The bezel the cameo sits in is tested 14k yellow gold along with a 14k yellow gold 24" 4.2 g box chain. She was kept and cherished and hardly worn.

   The cameo is made out of Carnelian - Sardonyx and is in great detail with high relief. The outside gold bezel has a lip that I tried to show in pic #2 although you cannot see it very well.

   She is extremely detailed and done in extreme beauty and weighs all together 14.2 grams. It's hard to pull the exact weight out of the bezel as I would need to pull the Cameo out and she is in nice and tight and I won't interrupt anything just to get an exact weight of gold she sits in.

   If you are a true cameo collector, let this little lady be loved as she is quite a beauty and quite worth it!!! Come see her for yourself, you'll agree! $1189.00


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