Do you love the fashion of the 1950's? We do! Here are 2 absolutely AMAZING and beautiful Lucite and fretwork Lucite purses!!!

#1)   Is a WOW FACTOR signed by Majestic clear Lucite purse with brass edgings, clasp and bottom. The inside bottom is material and is signed "MAJESTIC." This lovely clear purse holds very minimal wear with and the bottom of the inside is in excellent condition with hardly any wear at all and is extremely clean! The handle is tight and all edges are tight and secure! She locks and holds perfectly and is ready for that retro girl who love the 50's attire!

This “reveal all” look is so feminine and can feature other aspects from your 1950’s collection (think mirror, compact, lipstick, jewels, etc!) A vintage loving bride could fill it with flowers for something unique. This is one of those accessories where its amazing look is only limited by your imagination! These lovely purses are getting more rare and harder to find! $189.00

#2)   This is a very, very lovely purse and I'm in love with both! This is an unsigned Dorset-Rex gold tone fretwork, rectangle shaped purse that has a black Lucite lid with a clear Lucite handle and a triangle clasp. Their isn't any dings, dents, etc. in the fretwork and the Lucite is in excellent condition!

  The inside holds fabric material and is in excellent and clean condition! On the inside lid is a mirror that is in great condition and free of cracks and breaks! This amazing purse will fit with any outfit from the nifty 50's to the fashions of today's world! Absolutely amazing and extremely lovely!!! $119.00

                               PLEASE CLICK ON ALL PHOTOS TO SEE BOTH PURSES!


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