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These are very nice and hard to find. These Art Deco, 1920's men's synthetic ruby rings hold the secrets of many of hundreds of years and holds a brotherhood like no other.

   Created from solid 10k the first ring on the left is a very heavy, substantial size 12 with the Masonic symbol. The "G" in the middle of the symbol is surrounded by blue enamel and is a bit more rarer to find. Has open backing.

   This particular ring has symbols of what a brother would play in a roll of the Masonic Temple. What role? Only the brothers know, that's why it's a secret! In excellent vintage condition!

   No chips, cracks, etc. in the ruby and the center enamel is in excellent condition. Has the 10k marking on the inside and also tests 10k. It is bezel set and is no movement. Please understand these are minimum 100 years old and do show a bit of love! $399.00


   The second ring on the right is also created out of 10k yellow gold and also is synthetic ruby with the Masonic symbol in gold set inside an oval bezel set ring that has no movement. Has open backing.

   This is Art Deco and is minimum 100 years old and in excellent condition for it's age! This lovely ring is a size 11 and isn't as heavy as the first ring. It has 10k stamped on the inside and also tests at 10k. The center symbol is 10k gold also on both rings. $319.00

  Both of these rings play a large role in our history and only if they could talk, the stories we would here! They same person owned them both.


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