History at your finest here! A lot of research has gone into this lovely Amethyst ring and with extreme confidence, the 1830's to 1840's is when this lovely was made! WOW! Can you imagine having such a beautiful piece of history that is almost 200 years old?!! Oh, I so can and I would wear it proudly!!!

   This is a very sweet Amethyst ring that is approx. 4 to 4.5 carats prong set firmly by fluer dis lis prong artwork. The artwork on the shank is amazing and could very well be a family crest. She is tested at 10k rose gold as is a ring size of around a 5. She does have a wide band that is approx. 1.4"inch in width. She shows and sits very nicely. She can be resized up or down with confidence.

   I have had work done to the shank, so I know she is strong and in beautiful condition along with the stone! The photos have been taken under magnification. The stone looks perfect in eyes view and you cannot see any light scratches on the facets as you can see them visually under a 10x loupe. This is a very eye clean lovely piece of history. Honestly, I think she is AMAZING for being almost 200 years old!!! She is definitely a WOW piece of history and that is exactly what she is! Come see for yourself! $589.00



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