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This is very nice and hard to find. This Art Deco, 1920's men's synthetic ruby ring hold the secrets of many of hundreds of years and holds a brotherhood like no other.

   This mens' Masonic ring is created out of 10k yellow gold and a is synthetic ruby which was right for the time period. It has the Masonic symbol "G" in the middle of the symbol and is surrounded in gold set inside an oval bezel set ring that has no movement and has an open backing.

   This is Art Deco and is minimum 100 years old and in excellent condition for it's age with No chips, cracks, etc. in the stone! This lovely ring is a size 11. It has 10k stamped on the inside and also tests at 10k. The center symbol is 10k gold $319.00

   I did take photos prior to buffing and polishing the ring. I do want folks to understand that this ring is history and this is the original condition I received it.


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