This impressive gold gilt metal, enamel and art glass bracelet and brooch is circa 1920's. The bracelet and brooch were made in Czechoslovakia and is attributed to the Neiger Brothers and both pieces are signed Czechoslovakia. The bracelet and brooch is extremely well made and the bracelet features a multi-chain band with extremely classy clasp repeating the black molded glass with red glass cabs with beautiful filigree detail and a filigree panel accented with white enamel.

   The other end of the bracelet is quite beautiful with the filigree work and enameled flower with the red cabochons. It has a box clasp that is sturdy and has a red cab directly on the part you push in. A catch chain was added for extra support and security. It is signed on the insert side of the clasp, Czechoslovakia. This just shows the exquisite craftsmanship it holds.

   The center of the bracelet is just phenomenal with the same superb detail. The center red cab is high domed and the reds are so rich in color to mimic coral. The black molded glass is finely done and holds such beauty. The filigree work is pieces of art within themselves. It measures approx 7 1/8" long x 1 1/8" wide. The condition is stunning with no damage, chips, cracks, missing enamel, etc. It doesn't show much wear as it has been pulled out of a safe and was held by a collector.

   The brooch is nothing short of just amazing. It holds 4 black molded pieces of glass in each corner with beautiful red cabochons throughout. The center has an enameled flower holding a stunning red cabochon with phenomenal filigree work throughout. This brooch is also signed, Czechoslovakia on the back, underneath the pin backing. The pin back and clasp are in excellent working order. It is approx 2" in length and approx 3" in width. In stunning and amazing condition as though it's been cherished instead of worn. Words cannot express the exquisite beauty of this bracelet and brooch.

   Due to the rarity of this set, I would like to keep them together. This is your true jewelry history! $1200.00

   The Neiger company was started at the beginning of the 20th century in Gablonz. Norbert Neiger ran the company and Max Neiger headed the workshop. The business was successful and expanded after WWI. Their work was of the highest quality and sold well in America and Europe. They did not actually make the stamped components. These were chosen and mounted on the base by their workers - either in the workshop or by home workers. They had many immitators. Unfortunately, they did not survive WWII. Not much of their work was marked. They are known particularly for their Chinese style and Egyptian Revival pieces in the 1920's - often using glass stones to immitate jade and coral. Less is known about their work in the 1930's. The backs of the pieces is important. They were often stronger, as there was more decoration on the front.


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