The brooch is .925 sterling of a lady with free flowing hair and stars. The pin back works perfect and is marked onn the back. It this Art Nouveau around 1915. She is approx. 2.5-3" in width and is quite a beauty with her natural patina! $119.00

  The second is an earlier piece that is tested sterling, although is not marked. It does have the companies info on the back. This is a wonderful piece and shows a different style of a chatelaine money clip!

  It is by The Elite Wm Lokey MFG Chicago. The bottom is in our world today what we call a large safety pin, back in there day they used it multi purposely! It is welded together at the bottom and is secure. The safety pin is not sterling. Has the natural patina left on and is a nice and rare piece of history! $129.00

  Now these are history! The Arts & Crafts era of Art Nouveau was filled with free flowing lines and the love for nature. This era was a decorative period style and played a large importance on influence in jewelry designs and provided a form of expression that seemed to be unlimited. All the forces of nature could be captured in the free flowing asymmetrical lines.


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