If you are a purse collector, than do I have some beauties for you! I have several that aren't photo'd here, so you'll just to come on by to take a peek! I've got Victorian to 1930's mesh purses and coin purses from Whiting & Davis, micro beaded and petite point going up to the 1950's in immaculate condition, and even a rare to find tatted Victorian purse.

   I've got them from Paris, France, Belgium, Austria, United States, and the list goes on! These purses are perfect and perfect for every occasion!

   I have purses that are clear Lucite and fretted, clutch and shoulder bags along with vintage Coach, vintage box purses and specialty purses in all types of price ranges. Again, not everything is shown as I have MANY!!!

   Come take a peek and let's play!


   In decades past, a woman’s purse spoke volumes about her personality, as well as her style. As decades have passed, style has been defined by trendsetting Hollywood celebrities rather than how a woman actually feels about the product. Some women have stayed true to themselves and kept their vintage styled purse in their wardrobes.

   When a woman is confident about herself, she does not feel the need to follow what everyone else is doing. She is free to carry whichever style handbag she likes. Many women love the look of a vintage purse.

   There are several different styles in vintage purses, such as varying sizes, adornments, and colors. Another key component is which length to purchase, as vintage purses come in clutch or shoulder bag styles along with many others.


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