Last week I have come across 3 beautiful natural conch and pink conch, carved beauties that need someone to love them again!

   The first is an Art Deco silver filigree that is beautifully carved with fine detail and nice relief. She is a brooch and pendant and has beautiful colors through her.

   The second is a signed piece by AMCO and is Art Deco. She is an en habille which means she is wearing a diamond necklace. She is 10k gold filled and has exquisite color and detail within the relief. I love her!!!

   The third, is an Art Deco pink conch shell with higher relief and has a gold overlay. Quite pretty and is a brooch!

   Come take a look at all of the beautiful natural cameo rings, bracelets, brooch-pendants, etc. from the Victorian eras to the 1950's that we have! We also have costume cameos and cameos in many different mediums. You'll love them like we do!!!



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