Beautiful and amazing. This Mid to late Victorian Gutta Percha Victorian Carved Cameo Mourning Hair Locket Pendant definitely has history. This gorgeous cameo pendant measures 1 3/4" long and 1 1/4" wide.

   The cameo by itself is about 1" long and 3/4" wide and depicts the image of a woman's head an is in extremely high relief. The inside contains a floral border and two photo covers with the original hair is beneath both. There aren't any chips or cracks in the piece and is beautiful aging condition. $179.00

   Gutta Percha: Definition: A dark (black or near-black), rubber-like gum derived from the resin of trees from Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia; highly flexible yet durable, it began to be used in the 1840s for jewelry, especially mourning jewelry in the latter 19th century, as a more reasonable substitute for jet; designs are almost always molded, however, as opposed to carved.


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