Amazing and beautiful sterling bar brooch to represent the exquisite Art Deco era. With extensive research I have found out that this designer started in 2004. This is an AMAZING piece! $65.00

Here is a bit of info:

  Each piece of jewelry is hand set by highly skilled artisans with brilliant Swarovski crystals, the finest Austrian crystal available.

  Pieces are made of "old silver" a unique French process of laying sterling silver or 14K gold plate over a copper base. By following traditional French techniques, Catherine Popesco allows each piece to exhibit the intricate details of these historical designs. Pieces are new, but have a wonderfully romantic vintage feel steeped in the tradition of exquisite craftsmanship.

  Rambling about Paris, Catherine Popesco discovered a treasure trove of stampings -- many over 200 years old in the old factories and workshops of Paris. Most of these gems were originally designed by celebrated artists and shining lights of their era, such as Lalique, Mucha, Galle and Picasso.


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