Early Victorian 14k Seed Pearl 10ct Size Amethyst Cannetille Mourning Brooch-Pendant

   If you truly love history, then is a true piece for you. This is an AMAZING 10 carat dark amethyst multi faceted center stone with 2 stunning real seed pearls on each end. Held in with stunning dog tooth prongs.

   It is mounted in 14k yellow and rose gold Cannetille which is a type of metal decoration named after the type of embroidery made with the finest twisted gold thread. It is done using thin wires to make a filigree pattern. Used frequently in England in 1820-1840.

   The back has outstanding beauty as well as the front. With this being a beautiful mourning locket, brooch and pendant it has glass behind to hold your keepsakes in. It is tight and secure. The pendant part has a hinge to where it can be folded down while wearing as a brooch and unseen. From the top of the pendant hole to the bottom it is just shy of 3" and from left to right in width it is almost 1 1/4".

   It has several layers to the brooch in gold layers and Cannetille with superior quality and the stone is in exquisite condition with no chips, flea bites, etc. This is a true WOW FACTOR of your early Victorian history without a doubt! $1789.00


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