EXTREMELY RARE and hard to find. This is an AMAZING sterling with vermeil gold overlay atomic starburst brooch that is in EXCELLENT condition!

   The clear rhinestones are in beautiful condition with no greying or dead stones and the center stone is bright and beautiful! The brooch is 3-3 1/2" round in diameter. The pin back has an old C clasp style. It is marked "Sonia Lee" and "Sterling." $229.00.

   I was truly amazed to find such a rare piece!

   Sonia Lee was only in business for 1 year, from 1946 to 1947. Sonia Lee jewelry pieces were primarily made of sterling. Sonia Lee jewelry is considered extremely rare since the company was in business from 1946 to 1947. The jewelry had a wide range of designs and is not easy to find.


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