This is a lovely necklace and earring set of black large cloisonne' enameled flowered beads that are each hand knotted with silk cord and appears to have 3 knots each in between each bead. They measure approx. 1/2" each in diameter and their is a total of 38 beads. It measures out to 25 1/2" long.

   All beads are hand painted with a gold gilt going through each lovely bead. The clasp has a beautiful gold overlay on the tongue and groove filigree clasp. The knotting is in excellent condition and has no fraying and their isn't any wear on the enameling.

   Their is a 14k marking on the back of the necklace clasp. It is an overlay/gilt and not full or filled14k gold.

   The earrings have the same beautiful gold overlay ball on the top and are fish hook earrings. Each earring is in beautiful condition!!!

   This includes a beautiful vintage cloisonne' bangle bracelet in amazing condition. Such a beautiful piece! A beautiful parure set! $149;.00


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