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If you were to fall in love with an amazing set, let it be with this signed Sherman demi parure, brooch and earring set set in gold plating and swarovski crystals. With every rhinestone in beautiful topaz and olive type colors, Sherman is known for its high end beauties!

   Each rhinestone is in mint color and both the brooch and earrings are both signed. The brooch is 3 layered first starting with a larger chaton at the bottom, then the signature navettes and finishing off this beauty are smaller chatons for the triple layering in this circle brooch. Sherman was well known for its gold plating and it's in perfect condition along with the earrings!

   The earrings are your classic Sherman style fashion in gold plating and in beautiful and stunning clear, navettes and signed. This is one set that the photos just don't do it justice! Every stone shines with the Swarovski crystals they were so famous for using as this Canadian designer went big or didn't bother!

   This is sold as a demi-parure - brooch and earring set only due to the rarity of Sherman jewelry. Just stunning to say the least as I promise you won't be disappointed with this extremely high end set! $179.00 set.


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