We have over 40 different fine teas from Harney & Sons for your tasting pleasure. We sell them in single cups, 6 packs for on-the-go, 20 count tins and 30 count tins. Come get your fave & try a new one today!!!

NOTE: Not every tea is shown in photo! We have 40 to choose from!

   We are proud to present Harney & Sons Fine Teas. As tea drinkers ourselves, it's very important to Black Cat Relics to present the highest quality teas available. With Harney & Sons, we feel that these fit our taste & yours with the tea blends that they offer. Harney & Sons respects the traditions surrounding each tea by choosing the best. They are not only dedicated to delivering tea drinkers the highest quality teas, but also passing on the passion for tea, just like us.

   This is why Black Cat Relics has chosen this fine tea collection as Harney & Sons have the true Knowledge on what it takes to enhance your tea drinking experience! Come on in today, explore our passion for antiques, vintage jewelry & enjoy a nice cup of hot tea!



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